Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hump Day

And what a day it has been. I can't believe it's not even 1:00 yet.

My morning started out well enough. I got up on time, got the kids up, and checked my e-mail. I went back to my bedroom, and realized that I had left the cotton balls in the living room. On my way to the living room, I accidentally kicked the leg of my bed. I kicked it so hard that I tore the nail off of my middle toe and bled all over my floor. I either tore a muscle in my foot or I have a hairline fracture because it's pretty sore. I hate my bed. I was so tired and stressed out from finals and life, that I started crying and couldn't stop which makes it hard to put your makeup on, lol. Eventually, I stop my blubbering, get myself and the kids ready to go, and the Mister and I head off to our finals.

I decided to take my business management final first since all of my classmates said that it sucked. It wasn't too awful but I'm definitely not expecting an A on it. I took my Spanish final after that and I'm pretty sure I bombed it. I kept staring at words that I knew I should have known what they meant but it just wouldn't come to me and they were simple everyday verbs that I know. I just wasn't in the right frame of mind this morning.

After finals, we went to Morehead City for lunch and to buy a new shower curtain liner at Bed, Bath, and Beyond which improved my spirits somewhat. BB&B is one of my favorite stores.

On the way home, we decided to stop at the furniture store on base to see if they have one of those movable island things for the kitchen. I need extra counter space in the worst way. But they didn't so we headed home. At an intersection leading to the main road on base, we were at a red light waiting to turn left and this woman (I wish I could draw a picture of the intersection so you'd understand better) pulled out behind us to go straight and another car was coming through who had the right of way and totally slammed into her right behind us. Scared the freaking bejeezus out of me. It was LOUD! The guy hit her so hard, he spun her car around. Nobody was hurt though but the front ends of their cars were pretty messed up.

I have had enough excitement for the day. The Mister and I have one last final in the morning, then we're going to the beach to relax. We're exhausted.


  1. Now look, you started a trend with your Wednesday Whine.

    Your day sounds like mine yesterday.

    You'll make it. I have faith.

    Or alcohol.. I have alcohol.

  2. Lol. That didn't even cross my mind till you said that. I have a mangled, bloody toe so I'll take the alcohol.

  3. Ooooo I cringed reading about your toe. Ouch.

  4. Lisa~~Thanks for the sympathetic cringe. My toe is now a bloody stump but I think I'll heal. ;)

  5. WOW...that was definitely a stress filled day. Ouch on your toe!! That has to be one of the worst things to do...hit your toe on something. But you also tore off the toenail. yikes!

    I'm sure did just fine on your finals. Were those the last ones?

    Thank goodness those people didn't slam in to you.

  6. My day has gotten off to that kind of start and I'm hoping it only gets better from here. :-S I hope your toe and foot are feeling better.

  7. Pam~~Today (Thursday) was my last day for finals. I had my Lit final first thing this morning. Other than being extremely long, it wasn't too bad.

    LF~~Thanks and I hope your day got better as well. As for my toe, I only have a little soreness and it burned when the ocean water got on it today, lol. Oh well.


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