Thursday, May 15, 2008

Long Night

Sorry. No BTT today. Not in the mood.

I had so much going on yesterday. That's weird for me, lol. We went out to dinner with a friend and her parents and my friend PICKED UP THE TAB!! How nice, right? I didn't have to cook and we didn't have to pay for dinner. Also, it was good company. I really enjoyed meeting her parents.

I had a really late night last night. I went to bed at 11, tossed and turned until 1:30, got up and checked my e-mail, went back to bed at 2, and finally fell asleep around 2:30 or so. I did the same thing the two nights before that too. I don't understand it because I'm tired all day because I didn't get any sleep the night before, but as soon as my head hits the pillow my mind starts to race and I can't relax. It's a bit frustrating.

I also used Twitter to my advantage last night. I have a little something in the works that I would completely and totally appreciate crossed fingers, good thoughts, and whatever other positive vibes you want to send my way.

My Monday funk lasted through yesterday and I got to take it out on some idiot woman, heheh. She totally ran a stop sign and if I hadn't been looking, I would have been ran over. I yelled some obscenities and she had her window down so she heard everything. What is with some people??

I forgot to mention another product that I recently tried out. I think it's new too since this was the first I had ever seen it on the shelf. It's Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator.
I have musty towels and they're not even that old. I think it's because my bathroom doesn't have a vent in it and you can't really open the window in the middle of winter to vent out shower steam. So, I tried this in hopes that it would help the situation and it didn't. Maybe musty towel smell is a permanent problem because I've tried other methods of cleaning my towels and they haven't worked either. If anyone has suggestions other than using them in the dog crate, I'd appreciate a heads up.

I read on another blog today of a woman and her family that only spend $250 a month on groceries and they're a family of five. Check the blog post out here: Antithete
I find that amazing. I use some of the same methods mentioned in the blog post, budgeting, having a grocery list, and having a meal plan even though my plan is for a week instead of a month, and we still spend about $400/month for a family of four on groceries. We're having grilled shrimp burgers for dinner tonight so that could explain why our grocery bill is a bit higher, lol. With gas prices driving up the cost of groceries, I really should try and be more frugal and keep the more extravagant meals, like shrimp burgers, to a minimum. I like to cook though. I like having a counter full of ingredients that need to be measured, chopped, sauteed, grated, zested, and combined. It's the nights when our menu consists of fish sticks that I would just rather not eat at all. What's an average monthly grocery bill I wonder?


  1. Well I am really bad then I am one person and I spend what a 4 to 5 member family would spend on groceries. I really need to learn to conserve and look at what I am buying.

  2. Bridget~~Wow! You must eat gourmet meals.

  3. I am bad too. I spend $250 a week at the grocery store, and I go every Saturday. There are only 3 of us. One of us is only 2. I really need to get a handle on this. Trisha, when you count grocery spending do you count things like: household/laundry cleaning products, personal care products, over the counter medicines, cosmetics, etc? Do you have a budget or do you just track your spending.

  4. Liz~~Yes, I count non-food items as part of my grocery bill (not cosmetics or prescriptions though). Some weeks, we spend $80-$90 at the commissary and some it's $110-$120 depending on if we're buying razor blades or Tide, stuff like that. However, I don't add in the amount we spend eating out into that $400/month figure. If you took that into account, you could probably tack on another $100 because we eat out way too much.

    It all depends on where you live and where you shop too. When we lived in Vermont, we were spending $200-$250 a WEEK on groceries.

    We don't have a budget, I just keep track of what we spend.


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