Saturday, May 31, 2008

Seeing What I See

It's Saturday so I think a mindless post is just the thing. This has been going around the blogosphere so I thought I'd join in. The following is a screenshot of my desktop:

At least, that's what it looks like today. I have over 300 wallpapers and I like variety and change so I switch them once a week or so. I also like clean and uncluttered. Never more than one column of icons and never more than three or four showing on my task bar. Too much makes me feel disorganized.

So, there ya go. Feel free to share your desktops. I'd like to see them.


  1. On my old computer, my background changed every day automatically--the photos were of animals and nature scenes. Now I have one standing photo of a nature scene: peaceful body of water, rocky hills in the background an grassy spots here and there, trees . . . It's where I wish I could be right now. :-)

  2. I don't like a cluttered desktop either. Mine has no icons because I have my quick connect icons on the bottom, just a few. My desktop is of a picture I took in my back yard, really cute flower with a tiny spider coming over the edge. That was pure luck because the flower is probably no bigger than a quarter. Check it out:

  3. LF~~Sounds like a really nice scene. I pick variations of calm scenery for my desktop quite often.

    Terie~~I left a comment on your pic at Flicker, but that is a really cool picure.

  4. I just have a plain desktop!Just the windows classic theme!I personally don't like the idea of cluttering up my desktop.

  5. Rampantheart~~Windows classic?? That's a little too uncluttered for me.


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