Thursday, August 21, 2008

All’s Well…

Bad start to my day, but I ended up not having such a shabby day overall. I got SO much done today and I feel really good about it.

My laundry room has a door that leads out to the driveway. Well, we haven’t been able to use that door since March because we had so much stored in there. There was about four or five totes with Christmas stuff in it and bags of blankets that needed to be laundered. I don’t know what it is about me and laundry, heheh. Anywhooo, I got all that cleaned up and even managed to stuff a box of xmas stuff into another one so that I could free up a tote. Yay me!

We have so much junk though. I don’t think people realize how much needless crap that they accumulate until they try to pack it up and move it all. I completely stuffed a medium sized box with stuff off of my desk and I’m not even half way done. It’s really sad. A good portion of it is probably trash but I didn’t feel like sorting through all the CD-ROMs, manuals, note pads, notebooks, folders, old bills, cashed checks, etc. I just tossed it all into a box.

I also got my errands run. The Mister brought my keys home to me during his lunch. Neither one of us was willing to concede who was being the bigger asshole (sorry) but we managed to be pleasant and congenial the rest of the evening. ::snort::

The good thing about moving:  I have found a crap-ton of pens. I can never seem to find one when I need one but now I have enough to supply everyone I know, lol.

Weird thing of the day:  I called the city utility company today to see about transferring our services to the new address. One company handles electric, water, sewage, and trash. The lady told me that I would have to come into the office and fill out an application. What the heck for? I already have an account with them. Are they going to turn me down? I really hate this company btw. Aside from charging us our first born for electric, they just plain suck.

The agenda for tomorrow:  1) Finish packing our office areas. 2)Register the youngest child at her new school. 3) Pack the laundry room. 4) Find the time to squeeze in some work. 5) Go and apply, AGAIN, for utilities which I already have. 6) Call my current landlord and make sure he hasn’t forgotten that we’re moving in ten days because I haven’t heard anything from him in a month and I’m starting to get worried. And not necessarily in that order either.

The agenda for Saturday is to make another trip to Home Depot to buy primer, paint, paint supplies, and more boxes. Sunday is the day we go to sign the lease and we get the keys to the new house. Yay!


  1. I'm glad that wasn't totally bad. I had to laugh about your comment on the accumulating junk. The last time we moved, I had the biggest meltdown. I just couldn't believe all the crap we accumulated. I was just so mad that I was having to deal with it. I got rud of quite a bit of stuff during that move. lol!

  2. Thanks, Pam.

    Yeah, I suppose you just get used to living with your accumulated junk and don't really see it after a while. We downsize every time we move, which is often, and still end up with loads that we don't need.


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