Tuesday, August 26, 2008

But, My Teacher Hates Me!!

The oldest child had a fabulous first day. She didn’t get lost and one of her friends from elementary school is in almost all of her classes including band. What more can you ask for? Picking her up from school was a bit interesting. I got there 20 minutes early and the carpool lane was up and down both sides of the road. Cars as far as you could see. We didn’t even start moving until about 3:05 and by then I was beginning to panic that I was going to miss the youngest getting off her bus. Turns out there was nothing to worry about because her bus didn’t even leave the school until 3:15 and didn’t arrive until about 3:45. So much for 3:15.

When the youngest got off of the bus and I asked her about her day, she said she had a bad day. When I asked her why, she said because she kept getting lost, lol, so I told her it would get better with time. As we were walking back to the house, two middle school aged girls were walking behind us talking about missing elementary school. One said that she hated Mrs. So and So because she was so mean. The other girl agreed with her. Turns out that Mrs. So and So is the youngest’s teacher. When I asked her if the teacher was indeed mean, the youngest was pretty adamant that she was. I just chalked it up to kids talking. When you’re nervous and having a rough day, everyone seems like they’re mean.

As the night progressed, the youngest was acting more whiny than she usually does. She actually cried because she forgot her iPod at home when we went to the new house which isn’t like her at all. The Mister and I figured that she was just overly tired not being used to getting up at 6 am. (I’m not either. I HATE 6 am. 6 am should ROT!) When we got home and we were all sitting together in the living room, the dam broke. The youngest said that she got in trouble for not paying attention in school and then she proceeded to bawl. I almost started crying myself. I felt so bad for her because she had obviously held that in all day. I don’t remember having bad first days of school the entire time I went let alone in elementary school. She cried again this morning when I got her up for school because she really didn’t want to go back. I know I’m the mom and partial to my kids but I hate Mrs. So and So too. How can you make a kid hate school on the very first day? Especially since I took the woman aside and explained the child’s issues to her and she knew she was starting at a new school. I’m crying too, lol. Not a good way to start the day.

Speaking of which…We were running late this morning because I’m dumb. We were trying to leave but Hannah wouldn’t come inside. She does that, the little bugger. And if you try and go out to get her, she runs and my yard is too big to chase a dog that doesn’t want to be caught. So, we had to leave her outside. I knew when we left that she would jump the gate but I didn’t have a choice. As it was, when we got there, the bus was already there and she barely made it. When the youngest got on the bus, the oldest and I decided to run home real fast and see if we could get Hannah to come in the house. As we pulled down our street, we saw two women holding their dogs while another manic dog was jumping all over them. Who’s dog would that have been??? MINE!!! The little shit (sorry) jumped the gate like I knew she would and was jumping all over the neighbors and their dogs. After I profusely apologized, we loaded her up in the car and rushed the oldest to school. Until we get moved, Hannah doesn’t go out in the morning unless she’s on a leash.

Now I’m off to paint some more. Fun fun. I’m going to need a vacation when all of this is done.


  1. Wow. I'm so sorry the youngest had such a bad first day. I can relate, except we experienced a little different side of it. Kyle came home feeling sick and was like that all night long. He didn't eat a snack when he got home and then he didn't want to eat dinner. All he wanted was to lay on the couch (and you know that is not like him). He was so nervous/anxious yesterday that he made himself sick over it. I felt horrible for him. I'm hoping today is better, he just doesn't handle change very well. I really hope today is better for your youngest. If you need to talk just call.

  2. I hope today is better for your youngest, Trisha.

    I can empathize with you about the dog situation. It always seems like the dog won't come in when I most need to leave "right now".

  3. That is sad, mean people suck....and they should not be teaching children.

  4. Dana~~I'm sorry Kyle had a rotten first day too. He's such a sweetheart.

    LF~~Thanks. Hannah did it again yesterday, escaping out of the yard. Thankfully our new yard has no escape routes, lol.

    Arlene~~I totally agree.


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