Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This, That, the Other, and a Bag of Chips

I remembered to watch the Olympics last night for all it was worth. I  had actually read about the judging controversy yesterday morning so I knew beforehand what was going to happen. I think that this story is very compelling and worthy of a “Hmmm”.

The REAL Olympic Medal Count

Packing is going along. I always say that you can’t have too many books and I totally believe this. The Mister, on the other hand, is of a different opinion. After losing track of how many boxes of books that we have already packed and seeing how many books are still on shelves, stacked on desks, and piled on the hearth, he says that we are beginning to reach, if we haven’t already, our limit of books. HEHEHEHE! I say that I have only just BEGUN my collection. Unfortunately, and in favor of the Mister’s case, I have exhausted my supply of boxes for books. I think what I’m going to have to do is move over the books shelves and unpack the boxes onto the shelves and then come back to the old house and repack the unpacked boxes. We’re spending a crap-ton of money on boxes. And no, before you ask, we can’t find free ones at the grocery stores, or from friends, etc. That’s the first thing I tried.

I finally found some time to finish reading Sense and Sensibility. I forced myself to finish this book because A) I generally finish books once I start them and B) It’s one of my challenge books. I don’t think I’m a Jane Austen fan despite wanting to be very badly. I can’t find fault with her writing, but I don’t like her characters. They’re shallow and fickle. The stories aren’t as involved as I prefer either. Sense and Sensibility was all very much back and forth. He loves girl A then he’s going to marry girl B and then he ends up with girl A. What self-respecting girl A would go back to a man after being put aside because she didn’t have enough money, or because he fancied himself more in love with someone else, or because he didn’t have enough backbone to stand up for what he really wanted? I suppose it would be a girl A who was brought up to believe that marriage is everything as it was back in Elinor and Marrianne’s day.

Despite my lukewarm feelings toward the novel, it was nice to be able to relax with a book for a few minutes (I only had three chapters left to read). That was reward enough.


  1. Hubby and I have been glued to the Olympics coverage. It's thrown my sleep off completely. Too many late nights and then having to get up extra early for work. My own fault, but I like to grumble about it anyway. :-)

    I was just thinking today about all of the books I'd have to pack if we ended up moving. My husband will probably tell me to read faster so I can clear some of those TBR books away.

    On the plus side for your move, you aren't moving far far away and so you can make multiple trips if you have to. It won't be fun, but it may save you some money in boxes. Garbage bags work well for clothes, I've found, for short distance moves. You probably already know that though.

    I haven't yet read Sense and Sensibility yet. Jane Austen's books are a bit simple on the surface and she definitely has a pattern when it comes to the story outline--at least in the three books I have read by her so far. I do enjoy the books though.

  2. LF~~A lot of people have been saying the same thing about their sleep and the Olympics. Maybe the Winter Olympics will be better.

    Yeah. We're using every available receptacle for packing, not just boxes, lol.

    I'm more disappointed in myself that I didn't enjoy Sense and Sensibility than I am the book. Seems like I would be in the minority with my opinion.


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