Sunday, August 17, 2008

Short and Sweet

Or not.

We have spent this weekend packing. It’s kinda hard to pack when you still have to live but we’ve managed to make a dent and the house is starting to look emptier. So far, we’ve packed everything that we can in the family room and kitchen. Today we are packing what we can in the living room/office and dining room. That’s after the Mister and I go to the commissary.

We told our neighbors Friday night that we are moving. It’s funny but I really dreaded having to tell them. They are pretty unhappy that we’re moving. I hope my landlord moves in decent people in this house.

That’s about it. On top of moving, I was given an extra project to work on this week so I was pretty busy. I haven’t been reading ANYthing at all if you can believe that. Not even the August book for Readers Anonymous. I’m really afraid that I might not get to that at all this month which would be a first for me. What a leader I am.

Gotta run. Have to make a grocery list and hit the road.


  1. I hate the packing process of moving. I should find out next month if moving is in our future. On the plus side, if it is, we'll have about 18 months to get a start on it. I really do need to go through the boxes in the garage and decide what's worth keeping.

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    I hate moving. Even when the work is done for me (thanks TMO) I still dread it. I wouldn't feel too bad if you don't get to the book this month, everyone knows that life happens. You've got a lot going on.

  3. LF~~You definitely streamline things when you move. We've already made several trips to the county dump and I have at least one planned to donate toys and clothes.

    Dana~~I agree. Even with TMO, moving is still a lot of work.

    I'm really hoping that I can find the time to read the book but it's the 18th so it's not looking good.

  4. Having just moved myself, I sympathize with you!

  5. Thanks Daphne. :)


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