Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Again

I had the funniest dream that I had to pee every five minutes until I finally woke up and realized that I really had to pee, lol. That’s what I get for drinking so much water before I went to bed last night.

We got an amazing amount of packing done over the weekend. So much that we used up all the boxes and tape that we had on hand and had to go and buy more. The sad part…we’re not even  half way done. :( We start moving stuff to the new house a week from today.

When we’re not packing, we’ve been watching the Olympics. It’s been so exciting this year imo. We managed to catch all of Michael Phelps’ gold medal swimming. The youngest child has a crush on Michael and it's so funny and sweet. We've also watched most of the gymnastics. It's on so late that sometimes I forget to watch, lol. I prefer men's gymnastics over women's but love them both. The dancing and preening that the women do on the balance beam and on the floor exercises is tedious, imo. I also like watching the diving and even some of the rowing oddly enough. Oh. And I also like watching women's beach volleyball. The men's is okay but for some reason I like the women's better. From the crowds in the stands, I'm not the only one. I told the Mister that if the men were to play shirtless that more people would watch, heheh. That's about it for me though. I'm not a big fan of track and field, baseball, or basketball or any of the other events. Maybe some equestrian but I haven't seen any this year at all. The scheduling is so weird.

The rest of my day includes lunch, work, packing, dinner, and more work in that order. I'll squeeze in some Olympics tonight for the gymnastics providing that I don't forget. I'm watching the highlights now as I type this on, heheh. 

I'm off. I hope everyone has a great Monday.


  1. Oh, I've had that dream. It's so frustrating. lol!

  2. Lol. Yeah, it is. At least it was only in my dream and I wasn't peeing the bed.


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