Friday, August 01, 2008

Random Friday

That title is tongue in cheek. Every day is random day around here. Yesterday wasn’t but we all know that was a fluke. You guys know I can’t blog about just one topic.

I have a couple blog questions for everyone. First off, does anyone get popups when you visit my blog? I was recently reading a post on another blog comparing Blogger to WordPress and someone said they didn’t like Blogger because of the popups. I’ve never gotten a popup on my blog before and I just want to make sure nobody else has either.

Secondly, why can’t some people with WordPress comment on Blogger blogs and vice versa? This is something else I’ve never had a problem with. People confuse me.

Next topic…

My kids will be home TONIGHT!! I’m so excited for them to be home. It totally stresses me out when they go to Ohio. The meager benefits just don’t make having them gone worth it at all. I think the family is just going to have to come and visit us from now on when they want to see the girls. My m-i-l and her husband are bringing them. I have no idea how long they are going to be staying with us. I don’t mind visitors especially since my house is already clean, but I have to give up my bed and I truly dislike doing that. I don’t care if that makes me an ungracious host. Get a hotel room.


I got bad news in the mail yesterday. My freaking mortgage payment is going up because city taxes went up. So nice for us to pay higher city taxes in a freaking state that we hate and don’t even live in ourselves. At least we weren’t dumb and we have a fixed rate mortgage, lol. Taxes blow. And what in the heck do they do with all that tax money in bum freaked nowhere? Plant more trees? Buy more snow plows? They sure as heck don’t give enough to the schools because I had to buy pencils, crayons, erasers, etc., for my daughter’s class one year because I saw one little girl desperately chewing on the end of her pencil trying to get the eraser out because she didn’t have one and all her crayons were broken or used down to the nubs. They also didn’t have the money to bring in enough special ed teachers either. Nice. Not having enough bus drivers was an issue the entire three years we lived there too. BWAHAHAHA! A year and a half later and Vermont still gets under my craw.

Now I have to go and round up my dumb dog. Hannah is outside barking her head off at who knows what. I hate when dogs bark so I try to keep mine under wraps.



  1. No popups for me. I hate them too; but I have never gotten one visiting your blog (or any other blog for that matter). I actually came to check if the girls were home yet, lol. Wanted to see if they made it home safe. (Guess I'll have to check again later.)
    Hope you all have a great evening!

  2. It's funny but after I posted this, I couldn't get onto my blog at all. Turns out that Sitemeter's website was messed up and it was keeping my blog from loading.

    All better now, obviously.


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