Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Stuff, Version A Thousand

I’m feeling a tad neglectful of my blog. I didn’t even remember that I hadn’t posted anything yesterday until about 1 am this morning. I also have been slow in responding to comments. I also have very little to say, lol. I haven’t even been checking for spelling or grammatical errors. Have I had many? No wait! Don’t tell me. I don’t wanna know.

We had more family drama last night. It came in the form of a phone call at midnight. Nobody died, thank goodness, but I might have to avoid answering my phone for a while, heheh.

Today I’m taking the oldest child to pick up her flute for band this year. She has band preschool tomorrow sometime. I’m hoping that I can find the paper that tells the times today so that I know when to drop her off.

Oh! I totally forgot to mention that I received my literature text book in the mail on Monday. Or was it Tuesday? Anyway, it’s HUGE! IMG_0149

I put a CD next to it for perspective. Is that giganto or what? Not including the preface or index, it’s 2904 pages long. Also, this is just one of our required religion texts:


It’s almost as big as my Lit book and we have three other books and a DVD that go with this class.

And this concludes anything of interest that I might have to say. Family drama, band, and books. I could have included that I have the same roaring headache this afternoon that I went to bed with last night but it seems redundant. Maybe I should have included a warning at the beginning for those with weak hearts. This was just too exciting of a post.


  1. I've used the Norton Anthology for lit classes before. There's neat stuff in it, but yeah, it's big and heavy and unpleasant to lug around.

  2. Susan~~It's big and intimidating, but I'm totally looking forward to reading it and this class.

  3. I wish I'm back in English lit class! I'll definitely need to turn the clock around quite a number a circles though. Enjoy!!!

    That thick tome you have on religions of the world looks really interesting too - hope you like your textbooks :)

  4. Kittycat~~The hubby and I have peaked into the religious text and already had a discussion about it. This class is going to be so much fun.


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