Saturday, August 23, 2008

Letting the Air Out

Did I mention that the Rav has a flat tire? Yep. It actually has a slow leak but we can’t afford new tires right now so the Mister is headed out to put on the spare. Gotta love Toyota. We’ve always gotten a full size spare with all of our Toyotas. Not the Scion though even though Toyota makes them.

Today, after the tire change, we’re headed out to Home Depot to buy paint. After living with our paint chips for a week, we have all decided on the colors that we’re painting the bedrooms and the FROG. Those are the only rooms I’m painting in this house. The youngest child’s room is going to be Rose Bisque. It’s a very nice, non-Pepto Bismal pink. The oldest child’s room is going to be Silverberry which is a relaxing lavender color. The master bedroom is going to be Wild Porcini which is a taupe I suppose. It matches my bedding. Lastly, the FROG is going to be either Bleached Denim, Windsor Haze, or Twilight Chimes. They’re all blue but we haven’t quite decided how dark we want to go yet. And they’re all Behr paints if you’d like to see them for yourself at Behr’s website. They have a really neat interactive website where you can preview your colors in rooms. I  hate the process of painting and I’m really not good at it, but I’m very excited to be able to have colors that I want instead of rental white.

Now, I’m off to check and see if I can find my paint brushes and rollers and things and then to Jacksonville. I wish we had a Home Depot in town instead of a Lowes.

Have a GREAT Saturday everyone.

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