Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Where Was I?

My kids finally arrived home safe and sound Friday night. They grew so much in just a month’s time. I was really glad that I didn’t give in to my shopping impulse and buy them school clothes while they were gone because stuff definitely wouldn’t have fit and I hate returning things. They also came home with about four extra bags and a box that my mom shipped from Ohio, lol. We did take them shopping for back to school stuff over the weekend though because North Carolina was having a tax free holiday. Anyway, My husband’s mother and her husband left Monday morning. We were really grateful to them for saving us a trip to Ohio.

I’ve spent the rest of this week trying to catch up on work and sleep. My house is a disaster and I’ve only packed three boxes so far. But, we have groceries in the house again which has been really nice. Eating out and eating on the fly gets old. We haven’t eaten out since Friday.

The Mister goes on leave today for the rest of the week. He has finals Thursday and Friday. Our fall semester doesn’t start until 9/8 (the Mister’s birthday, heheh) so he’ll have an entire month off of school which will be a nice break for him.

Speaking of school, I received an e-mail from my Medieval and Renaissance Literature professor on Monday. This e-mail contained a tentative syllabus and some other information about the class. He recommends that we buy our text book as soon as possible and get started with the reading as, “English has changed quite a bit over the centuries, as have conventions of literary discourse, so the reading we’ll be doing will rarely qualify as “light.”” Direct quote from the e-mail, lol. A recommendation that we start reading the material an entire month+ ahead of time worries me a bit but not overmuch. I’m only taking this and my religious studies class so I think I’ll be okay.

Speaking of religion, see my next post…if you dare.


I forgot to mention that we got a new TV the other day. Best Buy was having a doozie of a sale and we couldn’t pass it up. The Mister and I had agreed on no large purchases until we get moved (one less thing for us to pack up and ding in the moving truck) but this was too good of a deal. No more YELLOW screen. YAY!

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