Sunday, September 07, 2008


Aftermath??? There wasn’t even a “math”. Hanna was a real snoozer. Not complaining, mind you, just saying. At least we have everything we need should a hurricane actually knock on our door. Here are some “storm” pictures:


No rain, no wind at this point. It was about 7:50 am Friday morning.


Here it had just started raining but still no wind. It’s about 11 am.


Pretty good downpour and some wind now. About noon’ish.

This is a very short video I took of the wind and rain about 3 o’clock Friday afternoon.

We didn’t lose power at any point during the storm at our house. Funny thing about is that we went to a friend’s house to watch the OSU game Saturday afternoon. At this point it wasn’t raining too much but we still had some gusty winds. Minutes before we pull into their driveway, a tree limb fell and knocked their power out, lol. We missed the first quarter of the game and that was the only time we experienced any power loss due to Hanna.

That was our exciting weekend. Even though it doesn’t seem like he’s going to, I hope Ike fizzles out before making landfall. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for all in his path.

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