Thursday, September 11, 2008

Now I’m Just Irritated

After going to the post office yesterday and being assured that my mail would be forwarded (this is after I had already filled out the form myself on 8/26), the Mister and I checked at the old house (if this is illegal to do, we had my former landlord check) and our mail was in the mailbox. This is really beginning to piss me off. My mail was supposed to be forwarded as of 8/29 and as of today, 9/11, it isn’t. If I’ve already gone to the post master, what else am I supposed to do? Most of it is no big deal except for two specific pieces of mail that we were unable to change our address on before it was processed. Oh. And credit card offers. I don’t like the thought of credit card offers in our names not being delivered directly to us. This is how identity theft happens. The rest I have changed myself. It’s ridiculous, is it not???

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