Monday, September 29, 2008

Told Ya I’d be Back

I knew there was stuff from my weekend that I was forgetting about. I think I have mentioned in the past that I’m not much of a morning person. My brain doesn’t start to function until about 9 or so. Anyway…

Friday we drove to Morehead City to go to the Best Buy. Our old DVD player won’t work with the new TV for some reason. I thought that it just needed cleaned so we bought cleaner stuff and hooked it up to the bedroom TV (it was easier to test it on that TV rather than the living room TV). It worked just fine so I thought, “Cool! It just needed cleaned.” Well, when we connected it to the living room TV, the TV kept saying that it couldn’t detect it and when it did, the picture was distorted and garbled. Our thinking is that the component jacks on the TV are messed up somehow. A real PIA (that’s Pain In the Ass) considering the TV is brand new. The other sucky thing is that the DVD player is old enough that it doesn’t have an HDMI jack on it. So, we bought a new DVD player and hooked it to the new TV with an HDMI cable and it works great. We put the old DVD player in our bedroom and hooked it up with component cables and it works great too! I didn’t realize how cheap DVD players are these days and we bought one that’s a five disc changer too. Fun times. I know you’re not supposed to have a TV in the bedroom but you know what? I’m excited about having a DVD player in my bedroom, heheh.

While we were in Morehead City, I talked the Mister into driving to the beach. Atlantic Beach is only a few minutes down the road. It was a very nice night. There was a wedding on the beach too when we got there. That would be my dream wedding should I ever have one only I would want to go to the cliffs on La Jolla beach in San Diego. Here’s a pic of the sunset. I took it with my phone so it’s backlit and a little dark but you can tell what it is.



Today, I had an appointment with an accountant. You may remember back when we first moved here and H&R Block totally screwed up our taxes. Well, with my job, which turns out I’m a sole proprietorship, I decided not to take any chances and I consulted a real accountant. I’m really glad that I did too because he told me a story of a client that had an accidental business like me and ended up owing $10,000 in taxes without realizing it. Totally not a possibility in my case, but it could be someday. It is also handy to know all of the stuff that I get to write off at the end of the year as business expenses. We’re going to go to him in 2009 and have him do all of our taxes too. The older we get, the more complicated our taxes get. It’s crazy.

I think that’s it for real this time. I gotsta get to work.

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