Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On Being Incommunicado

I had a little scheduling snafu with the cable company which resulted in our Internet being disconnected until today. It was a good thing/bad thing situation. Good because I have so many things to do with moving that I didn’t need to be online. Bad because my job is online and now I’m behind. I spent today playing catch up.

Anywho, Moving News!

We’re completely moved now. It was a bad time let me tell ya. We had some help moving the big stuff like the washer, dryer, beds, etc., but turned down help when it came to boxes and little things like that. We hate asking for help and being a burden but I wish we had asked for help. I have bruises on top  of my bruises and I’m sore in bad places that should never be sore. I also got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Mosquito bites on top of bruises suck bad. The positive thing about the whole experience is that the Budget truck rental guy let us have the hand cart for free, gave us a discount on the rental, and let us keep the truck a day longer free of charge. His son-in-law is a Marine and that’s the military discount he gives. How nice is that?? Giving us an extra day with the truck was completely wonderful. We would never have gotten everything moved in our original time frame. The Budget man deserves a kiss.

In other news, we’re getting our gear ready for Hanna. How ironic is it that the first storm that we’ve had to deal with this year shares its name with our dog, Hannah, who harasses us on a daily basis?? The forecasters are saying that the strongest it will be is a Cat 1 hurricane and she’ll roll over us really fast. I’m not overly worried. My biggest concern is that the dogs don’t like to go outside in the rain and the youngest child is terrified of storms. We’ll deal though and I’ll do my best to take pictures to share.

In Youngest Child News…

We got everything straightened out at her new school and they apologized to her for the punishment they meted out last week. An actual apology to a 9 year old, lol. We’re all feeling better about the whole deal now and she no longer hates school.

I have more to say but I’m tired. I’m to the point where I feel like I’ll never not be tired again. I know. Whine, whine, whine.

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  1. I saw that the hurricane may be headed your way. Stay safe!!


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