Thursday, September 25, 2008


It’s been a wild couple of days with the weather around here. Wednesday, the county dismissed schools early because of the wind. I thought it was kind of silly and it totally messed with my work day but what can ya do. Then this morning, they had a two hour delay because of the weather. It’s totally ridiculous if you ask me. They dismissed school early yesterday because of some wind and today the wind is worse and we also have flooding and heavy rain but they only delayed school for two hours. It doesn’t make any sense to me although I greatly enjoyed being able to sleep in two hours this morning. I’m telling ya though, if they dismiss early again today I might scream. Check out this picture I took this morning of one of my neighbors’ houses:


That’s more damage than anyone in my neighborhood got when Hannah rolled through and this isn’t even a tropical system.

Well, there ya go. Two posts in one day to make up for my lack of updates this week. And btw, that picture was taken with my new cell phone, heheh. I got a new LG Voyager and I LOVE it. It’s very neato and has many cool features. I think it’s LG’s answer to the iPhone but I’m not sure. It does have a touch screen with menus you scroll with your finger. It also has mobile TV but I don’t have that activated. I might do that if I travel somewhere though. Anyway just had to blog about my latest gadget fix.


  1. You cell phone takes great photos! I was just saying to my husband this morning that I wanted to look for a new cell phone with a great camera on it. I'll have to look for that one.

  2. Pam~~I really love it and would def recommend it. Of course, I haven't really had it long enough to say if it has problems, but I've never had issues with any of my LG phones and this one would make my 4th or 5th. The camera is a 2.0 mega pixel, btw, which is pretty good for a cell phone.


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