Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh Boy!! TGIF!



I have mixed feelings about my weekend. On the one hand, I’m looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday. Ahhh! I get excited just thinking about it. On the other hand, I have to go to a baby shower tomorrow night. No offense, but I hate baby showers. I hate bridal showers too. And weddings for that matter. Graduation parties too. And school fund raisers. Basically, if you’re sniffing around for money or a gift, just let me write you a dang check or have something delivered. I hate structured parties with retarded (and yes, they are retarded no matter how nifty, creative, and cool you think you are) games. I hated my own showers and parties and I was the one on the receiving end!! If I could figure out a tactful and nice way of getting out of going, I would. In a heartbeat. Ugh.

Speaking of school fund raisers, I HATE THEM. I hated them when I was in school too. Both of my kids are supposed to be selling CRAP for the fall fundraisers but neither one of them are. I think they (fundraisers) are disgusting. The incentive for the youngest child to sell is a type of build a bear party. You have to have something like 25 orders to be able to attend. I think that is so mean. And the other smaller “prizes” are cheap plastic CRAP that would get broken in a day. It’s impossible to sell that CRAP when you live in a neighborhood with 50 MILLION other kids selling the same CRAP and your family lives 900 miles away. Like I said before, if they want my money so badly, I would just rather write them a check and save myself the grief of having their CRAP sitting around my house just so that I have to realize when I move again how much useless CRAP I’ve accumulated. Do you know how many kitschy Christmas ornaments and wrapping paper I’ve ordered from these things? OH! And how many orders I’ve paid for out of my own pocket when the kids sold the CRAP long distance to our family and they never sent the checks for their CRAP??? Do you also realize how little of the profits actually go to the school?? If I were to write a $50 check to the school instead of for their fundraising CRAP, they’d get to keep the entire 50 bucks instead of just a small percentage. I’d venture to say that I’m not the only parent that feels this way not that you would ever hear them say that they agree out loud. Noooo! You have to support the school and be a “joiner”. Whatever. I’ve never been and never will be a “joiner”. That’s my term for the people that have to be in on everything. The ones that are on the PTA (or PTO depending on where you live), the HOA, neighborhood watch, they throw huge elaborate parties for their kids trying to outdo the other parties their kids attended, they’re key wives (Marine Corps thing), they go to every Marine Corps Ball and every “family” function, etc. You know who you are. I’ve always wondered about them. What is missing or wrong with their family lives that they have to occupy every available minute with outside activities. I am also brave enough to say out loud that I think that it is this obsessive need to stay so incredibly busy that you don’t have quality alone time with your family that is the root of what is wrong with kids these days. The oldest child told us the other day that the kids in a certain class at her school were so mean and out of control that they made their teacher cry. 6th graders. That’s not to mention the kid that was arrested the very first day of school and the two other kids that were suspended the first day of school. Or the fact that school uniforms are a necessity at the elementary level. I can’t be the only one that sees a pattern here.

BWAHAHAHA!!! This was supposed to be a happy post about the weekend. I have no idea where all that other stuff came from. I suppose it’s been bugging me all week and I have truly been dreading this baby shower. Even so, I’m not even in a pissy mood. Hard to tell, I know, but I was giggling the whole time I was typing the above paragraph (with the exception of the last part). I figure I’m going to piss some people off and that always brightens my mood, heheh. AND! I’m having a good day so far. I updated RA which was long over due and I have my day of work all planned out. The sun is shining and it’s a breezy and beautiful day. I’m gonna grab breakfast now and get to work.


  1. I just love that picture - and your post! I agree 100% about school fundraisers - nothing but a bunch of CRAP.

  2. Sleeping in isn't part of my vocabulary either.

  3. I'm not fond of showers either--I hate those little games they play too. Ugh. And like you, felt that way at my own wedding shower too!

    I've been hit at work by coworkers who are selling stuff for their kids. I'm pretty good at passing the catalogs along without buying anything, but this year two of my staff are selling stuff, one for the first time (her daughter just entered kindergarten) and so I felt obligated to get a little something. Next year I'm going back to my no buy rule.

  4. Daphne~~Yes!! Crap!

    Jennifer~~Sleeping in on the weekends and looking forward to sleeping in on the weekends is the only thing that gets me through the actual week.

    LF~~I have such a hard time saying no to the little kids too. But, I can't buy from my own kids and everyone else's too. That's another thing that sucks about fundraisers is the obligation and guilt it puts on everyone else.


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