Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Minor Drama

I went to the Post Office today and spoke with the postmaster. He looked up my info and said that the change of address was indeed in the system and that it was our postal carrier’s fault. Starting with today’s mail, our mail should now be forwarded. I’ll believe it when I see it.

In other drama news, the youngest child was bitten by an insect today. She said that it was a fire ant but the bite doesn’t resemble a fire ant bite and the swelling on her foot is the size of a racquet ball. Why do my kids have to have such reactions to bug bites? At least it’s not as bad as it could be with anaphylactic shock and all that but it’s still sad. We iced her foot and gave her Benadryl and then gave her some Ben and Jerry’s, lol. The medicine knocked her on her butt too. It was funny watching her try to stay awake. If the swelling doesn’t go down, I don’t know how she’s supposed to go to school. She won’t be able to put shoes on and they don’t allow sandals.

Oh. In our new neighborhood, the closest grocery store is the Piggly Wiggly. In our old neighborhood, we had a Piggly Wiggly, a Food Lion, and a Harris Teeter close by. Out of the three, the Piggly Wiggly is the scariest so we never went there. In the new neighborhood, we decided to give it a shot to see if it was any better. It isn’t. You can smell the store before you go in and I’m not talking bakery smells or produce smells. I’m talking nasty grease smells and something else that’s unidentifiable. What’s worse is that it smells so bad the smell sticks to you. Why would anyone want to buy food from a place like that? We went there for the second time tonight thinking that maybe the first time was just a bad day and that we were only getting ice cream so we could be in and out in a flash. Not only we were wrong about the stink but they didn’t have any Ben and Jerry’s at all. Ugh.

I’m off to wash my own stink away. Laters.


  1. My oldest son gets terrible reactions to bug bites too. It gets very swollen, itchy and painful, One thing that relieves the pain and itch is soaking the hand, foot or whatever on epsoms salt & water. I also try to keep him coated with repellant at dusk, lol.

  2. Beth~~Thanks for the tip. We have also tried a baking soda paste for the pain as well.

  3. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Ouch. I got bit by something over two weeks ago and I still have a mark from it. I hate bugs. As for Piggly Wiggly.....I never liked that store. They just never seem clean to me compared to other grocery stores.

  4. Dana~~We're guessing that it was a spider bite because after the swelling went away, she has a huge bruise over about 1/3 of the top of her foot.

    Yeah. Piggly Wiggly=Filthy and Smelly.


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