Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not So Bad

So, the baby shower wasn’t too painful. We only had to play one game and even that wasn’t horrible. It was baby bingo. The food was good and I got to meet some people that I actually liked. The only negative thing about it was that it lasted for forever. The guest of honor had to stop and talk over every single gift and it wasn’t even always about the gift, she just likes to talk. I didn’t even stay for cake because my butt was dragging. I’M SO OLD!!! I was home by 10 and totally ready for bed on a Saturday night, lol.

Sadly, that was the highlight of my weekend. We lounged around all day today and the Mister and I got caught up on our homework. We’re wild and crazy.

Oh, and if you’re interested, they made several arrests connected to the murder and kidnapping I posted about last week. Coincidentally, the suspects are all teenagers. Teenagers. If' I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, what the hell is wrong with kids these days???

Updated News Article Link.


  1. I am glad the baby shower turned out well. Your weekend sounds about exciting as mine--except without the baby shower and homework. :-) We're such party animals. I don't mind though. It's nice to enjoy a quiet weekend after a busy week.

  2. ugh, i really hate those games at baby showers. Glad to hear you only had to endiure one.

  3. LF~~Thanks. If all shower were like that one, I wouldn't mind going to them.

    I enjoy quiet weekends too. They're the best.

    Pam~~Yeah. The one game wasn't so bad and she was giving out candles and bath stuff as prizes so it was nice.


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