Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Day of Ups and Downs

We’ve been having weird weeks lately. Maybe it’s just that time of year.

The Mister got some bad news concerning his work and the infamous reenlistment bonus which has the possibility to change all of the plans we had in place. Again, it’s this back and forth nonsense and the lack of control that makes me dislike (what a nice, benign word) military life and which would make it very easy to walk away from despite all we’ve put into it. Also, he has to work this weekend, the entire thing. He hasn’t had to work an entire weekend since Vermont and I don’t like it. Bah.

On a positive note, good things are happening for me with my work. My current client, the Edge Foundation, has been giving me extra projects which is awesome. Not only does it mean some extra cash (which we could totally use right now) but it also tells me that I’ve been doing a good job. After not working for 12 years, it’s encouragement that I needed. Additionally, I could be taking on a second client which I am so very excited about. This is still in the works and not a sure thing, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I wouldn’t even be in the running for this second client if not for the work I’ve been doing for Edge.

And lastly, the youngest child didn’t go to school today because of her foot. She still had significant swelling this morning and couldn’t fit her foot in her shoe. She’s been keeping it iced and elevated today and it’s looking better. Still some redness and swelling but it doesn’t look as nasty. I tried to get her to let me take a picture of her foot for my blog but she refused, lol. The oldest child told me to wait until she was passed out from the Benadryl and take a picture while she was asleep but I figured that would be wrong. Sorry. ;)

Have I been mommy blogging too much lately? Oh well.


  1. Trisha, I know what you mean about the not knowing. Frustrating! My husband is not in the military but relocating is always a possibility with his job.

    I had to laugh about your daughter's advice on how to get a shot. Hee, hee. Sisters, gotta love 'em.

    Not too much mommy blogging. At least not for this fellow mommy.

    BTW, I always read your feed in BlogLines and clicked on through tonight so I saw your entire site, and have to tell you, I love your blog design.


  2. Shana~~Thanks so much for your comment!! I can't take the credit though. I got the design from Grumpy Cow,

    Too true about sisters. I have a younger one and we used to torment each other, lol.

  3. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Yes, dislike is such a benign word. It's so hard to use benign words when you don't want to :o)
    I, personally, am just counting on the fact that we have less than four years left now. Still seems like forever though.

  4. Dana~~You know me well. ;)


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