Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meme’ing Again

Because it’s safe and non-whiny for the most part. I got this from Some Girl who got it from the author, Avitable.

My favorite age: The medieval or renaissance.

My best friend: My husband.

My celebrity crush: I don’t really have one but Paul Walker is fun to look at.

My defining characteristic: My negativity and being a pessimist.

My most evil moment: Putting yogurt-filled condoms (so that they would look used) and butter all over my asshole neighbor’s car in Pensacola. YEAH! They were such assholes that the other neighbors watching me do it just sat by and laughed.

My favorite food: Mexican

My grossest injury: When I fell on my face and ripped the connecting tissue between my upper, inner lip and gums. That was disgusting but luckily it happened so long ago that I don’t remember the pain of it.

My biggest hatred: People forcing their beliefs onto me.

My most illegal activity: Probably the car thing I mentioned above. That’s vandalism, right? Oh. And I also stole a construction barrel with some friends in high school but we returned it the same night, heheh.

My need for justice: Yeah. That my asshole landlord in Vermont gets what’s coming to him. I just wish I could be there to see it.

My most knowledgeable field: Whining. It’s my most knowledgeable field and my most developed skill.

My life's goal: Tooooooo…Be satisfied in my life.

My mother's influence: I learned the fine art of nagging at her knee.

My nerdiest point: Where would I begin? I’m a girl gamer, I’m a gadget whore, and I prefer the company of my computer to real life people.

My oldest memory: It’s too sad to relate in public.

My perfect date: The first day of the year when you can feel that the sun is beginning to warm with summer.

My unanswered question: Is there alien life out there?

My random fact: Baby showers and wedding showers suck. If you want a gift from me, just let me send you something in the mail.

My stupidest decision: I’ve decided to be friends with some really awful people in the past.

My favorite television show: I have MANY favorite shows. Weeds, Californication, Mad Men, Big Love, The Shield, BSG, The Big Bang Theory, and many more.

My style of underwear: Whatever doesn’t floss my butt.

My favorite vegetable: Green Beans.

My weakest trait: I get angry too fast and for insignificant reasons. I’m going to have a heart attack while road raging one day.

My X-men power: I don’t know what their powers are as I have never seen this show. A superhero power I would like to have is the ability to fly though.

My strongest yearning: To be worry free.

My moment of Zen: Lounging at the beach when there’s enough breeze to keep the heat off but not so much that I can’t read my book.


  1. oooh... to be worry-free.

    Good one. I almost can't even imagine what that's like. I worry. A lot.

  2. Me too and nothing pisses me off faster than when people tell me NOT to worry. Like that's possible for some things.


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