Friday, September 26, 2008

Things Seen

Through the lens of my new phone…


I took the above picture in the Target parking lot. It was Wednesday night during the wind but before the rain.


The above picture I took yesterday afternoon during the rain, in the carpool lane at the oldest child’s school. Why? See the silver SUV behind the gap in the cars? You may have to click on the picture to make it bigger. Anyway, that car pulled out of line from behind me to drive up there and block the bus exit so that it could be that much closer to the front of the line. About five car lengths. Wth difference did it make is what I would like to know. The carpool lane always has a bit of drama in it every day. It’s amazing how “adult” parents can behave sometimes. Horns blowing, people getting out of their cars to tell people to move along. I’m not kidding either. When I get there, I hunker down with my latest read and try to pretend I’m somewhere else. Life’s too short to get your panties in a twist in the carpool lane.

Anywho, that’s all I have so far aside from the house pic I posted yesterday. The non-tropical storm we had is moving along. No more high winds but we’re still getting tons of rain. My town has the highest rainfall amount in the area so far and they said we could end up topping out at 5 inches when it’s all said and done. All this means to me is that I don’t have to water my grass, heheh.

Gotta run and brave the morning carpool lane. We’ll see how it goes this morning.

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