Saturday, November 12, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 12: Revelations

I learned something about myself the other night.

While the Mister was serving out his time as a recruiter in Vermont, he had a particularly nasty superior. This man played a major part in why those three years will always be a painful memory for us. He was devious and a liar to put it mildly. He enjoyed playing with people’s lives and making them miserable just because his rank gave him the power to do so.

I have always hoped that this guy would get his karmic just desserts. I’ve always wished that I would’ve had the chance to tell him what I thought of him face to face. Seems like I won’t get that chance as I have just learned that he’s dead.

Despite the very fact that I know with conviction that this person is the equivalent of the lowest slime that grows in the dark beneath a rock (I apologize to slime everywhere for the comparison), I wouldn’t have wished that he were dead. And he died of a particularly painful form of cancer to boot. I was surprised to feel…regret, I suppose, to hear of his death. He definitely had negative karma out there in the world coming to get him but this was shocking to hear. I hope he made some kind of reparation for all the wrongs he committed before he died though.

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