Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 16: The Death of a Tree

Picture of the tree carcass that I took from my upstairs bedroom window

Landscapers came by today. There was a smallish tree on my neighbor's side of the fence. The root growth of the tree was causing the fence (it's a wooden privacy fence) to come apart and lean which was, in turn, causing large nails to hang out of the damaged part of the fence. So, the landscapers chopped it down today. It was no big loss. It was a rather ugly little tree-bush. But they didn't stop there.

Next, they went behind our chain link fence which borders the open canyon. There, they hacked down a very large, very leafy tree. We've seen any number of birds in this tree, numerous lizards, and we've even seen a hawk land in this tree. I don't know why they chopped it down. It wasn't dried out, it wasn't diseased as far as my untrained eye could see, and it provided lots of privacy and shade to our house and yard.

I'm going to miss that tree.

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