Wednesday, November 09, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 9: Hump Day

Wednesday has me thinking about what we have going on this weekend. Not a whole lot.

First of all, the Oldest Child's punishment will come to an end on Saturday. I'm not going into the details of the offense, but I will tell you what the punishment was because it's a bit funny. She's been grounded, but not in the traditional sense. Grounding kids to their rooms, nowadays, it's a pretty useless thing to do. Even when I was a teenager, I was never very upset to be grounded. I had a TV, a radio, a Nintendo, a phone, and a full bookshelf. The Oldest Child has many similar things. She has a TV, an old Playstation 2, her cell phone with it's Internet, games, texting, etc., and whatever else she has in there for entertainment. Out of a 24 hour weekday, she spends 15 hours of her day in her room, voluntarily. So her punishment was that she had to sit at the kitchen table doing homework or reviewing her text books if she didn't have homework, for a minimum of two hours directly after school. Then she was grounded FROM her room until 8 pm. This has been a three week long punishment and she's whined and complained about it every single day. I'm hoping that it has been an effective punishment but only time will tell.

Secondly, the Mister and I are going to make a serious dent in our Christmas shopping this weekend. I'm saving some stuff for Black Friday and Cyber Monday but for the most part, I want to get as much done as I can, as soon as I can. Last Christmas sucked with the Mister being deployed so I want this year to be fantabulous.

Lastly, the Oldest Child has her last band competition of the season on Saturday. This competition is being held at Vista High School. Her high school band has come in third at the previous two competitions so they're hoping to place higher this last time. I can't believe they didn't place higher last weekend. The band that came in second sucked. I know, I'm biased, but they really did. While I enjoy seeing the bands perform, it's supposed to rain on Saturday. I'm a weany and have no desire to sit in the cold rain. Supposedly, the show will go on unless there's lightening and the chances of that are slim to none. Oh wells.

That's my weekend plans.

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  1. Ok, I need to know what she did to earn three weeks of torture. That is awesome.


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