Sunday, November 06, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 6: Lost All Meaning

(This was saved to draft about a year ago and I forgot about it, lol. Thought I'd go ahead and publish it anyway.)

The word "deployment" caught my eye in a tech article today. It was used to reference launching a new product or something. Of course, when I saw it, I stopped to see if the article had something to do with military deployments. That's when it occurred to me that some words and acronyms have lost all meaning for me outside of how it pertains to the military and military life in whatever way. Probably until the day that I die, deployment will always mean sending someone I love away on orders to serve their country in a foreign land. Here are some more words that have lost all meaning or ways in general that I can't help but think military first and everything else second.

POV (each letter is pronounced) - To me, that means "personally owned vehicle". This came from three years on recruiting duty and the Mister driving a GOV (rhymes with above sometimes it's said "govvie insead of just GOV) or government vehicle for most of the time versus our own car. Your guess is as good as mine as to why POV is spelled out instead of it rhyming with above like GOV does.

Base - In my world, that means a military base first and foremost. The second thing that comes to mind is baseball.

Grape - Freshly shaved head.

Debris on an airfield equals FOD (rhymes with god) or foreign object debris. The Mister has gone on many FOD walks in his time or walking the flight line to make sure there isn't anything on it that jet engines can suck up while taking off and landing.

It's hard to say grocery store. I always want to say commissary no matter where I'm shopping.

Leave - Vacation or time away from work. In our family, taking leave means attending a funeral or visiting someone in the hospital. But I'm sure that's not the case for most. ;)

Home - It means Ohio despite the fact that I haven't lived there since 1999, have no plans on ever living there again, and haven't really considered it home for years. It's just habit to call it home.

PMO - It means police even though it stands for Provost Marshall's Office. At the root of it, it means a bunch of crack heads wielding too much power and think that the ability to give out a speeding ticket makes you god. I wonder how similar PMO is to civilian police officers, lol.

DITY - This one, pronounced "ditty" means moving yourself to your next duty station. It stands for "do it yourself" move. I'll never hear this word and think "song".

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  1. I use to work for the military back in the late 90s. Wow, some of those took me back. One I remember is TDY. Temporary duty. Mainly it just meant training for us.

  2. There are tons more but I decided to keep my post to a minimum. With all the acronyms that the military is so fond of using, I could have gone on for days. ;)


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