Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If It Isn't One Thing...

I keep getting things messed up in my head. Twice, recently, I've been wrong about days of the week and appointments. Luckily, I figured it out ahead of time before I actually showed up to these places without an appointment. One of those appointments was for the doctor which was today.

I would say that I have moderate "White Coat Syndrome". It's not so bad that I can't make myself go to the doctor, but it's bad enough that I put it off until I absolutely can't anymore and I'm a freaking mess while I'm there. My blood pressure today was the highest it's been since I was pregnant. My chest was flushed completely red. And my hands were shaking. I'm lucky that they didn't commit me.

I have finally found a really nice doctor and the nurses are fabulous too. I had to have blood drawn and the nurse was so good that I barely felt it. I'm an easy draw anyway, but she was really excellent. I also had to pee in a cup. If peeing in a cup isn't the epitome of fun, I don't know what is. And you know a man designed the cups for that.

I was told that I have to stop taking Excedrin and Advil for my headaches. I also have to cut back on caffeine and spicy food. Turns out that I'm a walking time bomb for stomach ulcers. I also have to get my stress under control. I'm working on that. I had something like 4 of the 6 indicators for ulcers. Or 6 of the 8. I can't remember. I know for sure that I had all but two.

I have a referral for physical therapy for my shoulder. I've been having some pretty good pain in my left shoulder for a few weeks now. I have a pocket of fluid in my shoulder which is causing my pain. I've never had physical therapy before so this should be interesting.

I also have a referral to a dermatologist because I have two cysts that I'm tired of living with.

I'm a mess. It's embarrassing. Which is why I feel like sharing publicly I guess. ;) Ultimately, I need to get my stress under control. Everything that's wrong with me, with the exception of my shoulder and the cysts, is caused by stress. I have headaches about five out of seven days a week (I have one right now which would make four days in a row so far.). I have heartburn or acid reflux several days a week. When I have a headache, I take Advil or Excedrin which can cause heartburn or make it worse. It's a nasty cycle but hopefully I'm on the road to getting everything under control.

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