Thursday, January 26, 2012

Intruder Alert

Yesterday, I was in and out of the house all day running errands or whatever. Right? So, last night I go to open my bedroom window because it was hot and stuffy upstairs and I notice a sticker on my window. It has a drawing of a falling child and says something about the dangers of falling out of second story windows. I look at the Mister and ask him if that sticker has always been there. Umm. No. That sticker is new. We looked in the office and sure enough, another sticker. We go into the Oldest Child's room and ask her if she has one and she does. WTF???

I call the housing office and I'm like, "Was someone in my house today?" She said that yes, they had been around to all the houses to put stickers in the windows. And I'm all, "So you're telling me that while I wasn't home today, a perfect stranger was in my house without any warning or notice at all??" And's she's all, "Well, we put notices on everyone's door two days ago." I never saw a notice. I asked the kids if they had possibly taken it off the door and they both said no. I start giving this lady an earful. Then she asks me if I'd like to speak to the district manager. Yes please. I give that lady an earful. I'm all like, "I know this is military housing but I don't appreciate being treated like a second class citizen. I also have two pets one of which is a kitten that likes to try and run out the door all the time and the other is a big, older dog who is getting snarky in her old age and who has never been around strangers without one of us being with her." The district manager is all apologetic and understanding but she's like, "The stickers were mandated by the Navy." Fine. I don't have an issue with the stickers other than the fact that they insult my intelligence. I have a problem with strangers being in my house without giving me proper notice. A note on the door blowing away or being stolen by the neighborhood kids isn't a proper notice nor is it an excuse for me not getting notice. I never give PTE (permission to enter) when I'm not home because of my pets. Geez. She asks if I would like them to put a note with my key that they never have PTE. Uh...YES!! I would like that. Cripes.

I have never felt so violated. I hate knowing that someone was in my house and amongst my things without me being there. I'll also be sure not to toss any kids out of the second story windows now that I have a handy sticker reminding me that it's not such a good idea.



  1. I'm the same way about my apartment. Couldn't they just give you the stickers to put up yourself? That is ridiculous. There's no excuse for them to just walk in regardless of the flyer they supposedly put up. What is it 1980? They can't send a mass email to residents?

  2. IKR!!! Aren't we supposed to be living in a "green" society? Putting out paper fliers to hundreds of residents is a waste. Idiots.


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