Saturday, January 28, 2012

Turns Out, I'm a Man

I got this from Lady Banana. How does she always find these interesting things?? Anyway, Google thinks I'm a man. Nifty. According to their results from analyzing my Google cookie, I'm a 25-34 year old man and that's how Google advertises to me. Heheh. Whatev. This is what they used to determine my maleness...The things I "Google":

Business & Industrial
Computers & Electronics
Food & Drink - Cooking & Recipes
Food & Drink - Cooking & Recipes - Meat & Seafood
Games - Online Games - Massive Multiplayer
Internet & Telecom - Mobile & Wireless - Mobile Phones - Smart Phones
Internet & Telecom - Web Services - Web Design & Development
I'm assuming the major determining factors are the Games, Internet & Telecom, and Computers & Electronics. Probably Business & Industrial figure in too. It's kind of insulting that Google thinks these interests fall under the male aegis. Oh wells. 

Wanna know what Google thinks about  you?  Click Me and find out.

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