Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good News. Finally!!

We found a house today. Yay! And for about $200 less than the max we wanted to pay for rent so it was a good deal too. It's about a mile from the school, close to shopping, and not that far from base but far enough. I'm so excited. It's one big, major thing on my "to do" list that I get to cross off. I also talked to the rental management company about our current house and they're hopeful that they'll have it rented by the 1st of Feb which would be awesome for us. Things are finally starting to fall into place. It's a nice change. We also got our bedroom closet cleaned out and have more boxes of stuff to take to the Salvation Army. We're pretty close to hitting our max weight for household goods so we need to get rid of some stuff. We're also considering getting rid of our monstrosity of a sofa. I'd like to drag it out to the backyard and set fire to the dumb thing but I don't figure my neighbors would like that too much. We also decided to leave our washer and dryer for our renters and buy new ones on the other end. I can't wait!! I've had my eye on those new super capacity washer and dryers for some time now. It's just been a day full of positiveness. It's been awesome.

Well, I still have some straightening to do in my closet before I call it a day so that's it for now.

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