Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today's Shite

Today was a vast improvement on yesterday. We found out through the course of having to fund our own move to N.C. versus having the military pay for it because they couldn't find their own butts if their lives depended on it, that the price we were asking for C Bug is 1/7 of what it's actually worth. SO! We're not selling it anymore and we're going to transport it south so's that we can make a tidy profit off of it.

Secondly, since we were smart enough to rely on ourselves rather than the idiotic military to actually do their jobs, our move is going ahead as planned. As a matter of fact, the movers will be here bright and early in the morning to begin packing and we'll head out either Thursday night or Friday morning. We haven't decided yet.

Thirdly, my poor dog is finally starting to come out of her depression. She was actually in the mood to play for the first time since Saturday. We'll see how long that lasts since we're going to be moving her.

Lastly, I'm so freaking excited to move I can barely hold myself together. The sooner we get out of this state and C gets checked out of this joke of a command and we can put all of this shite behind us the better. Oh. And the woman that's interested in renting the house is REALLY interested and turned down another house to look at ours over the weekend. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed but it sounds really promising.

So, I think that's it for today. I'm completely exhausted but it's all worth it since it's for the move and my classes start tomorrow and I want to get a head start on the reading. Woohoo!

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