Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I just learned from another blog that I read that this week is International Blog Delurking Week. Which means, come out of hiding and leave comments. Some of you were one week early but have been pardoned by order of the queen and are exempt from leaving any more comments...please, lmao.

On to other things...

We finally have an unofficial move date. No, I'm not telling yet cuz it's not official but we're still extremely excited to have an end in sight. I just hope the weather holds out. When we moved here, it was so freaking cold that the moving trucks were unable to start and our stuff was stuck in storage for two weeks. This time, we have our nifty SUV and a car top carrier which I plan on stuffing full of household incidentals just in case we have to live without our belongings for any length of time. Although, this would be an excellent excuse to have to buy new pots and pans and towels, heheh.

My weird rabbit is licking her blanket right now. She can be so strange. She also likes to attack the vacuum cleaner when I'm trying to clean.

OH! OH! OH! I almost forgot that I just finished registering for my spring semester. Woot woot! I'm excited to be getting back to the books. I actually miss it believe it or not. I'm taking some sort of research type class that's required by my school, a computer class, and an English class that's required for my major. The computer class isn't your typical computer class. It's about the history, psychology, physiology, and engineering of computers and how they affect humans. Weird, but it's required. My English class I'm really looking forward to. It's the Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. I know. I must be crazy to be looking forward to it, but I think it'll be interesting. After all, English is my major so it only makes sense that I like the classes, right?


  1. Was that "other blog" mine? :) Thanks for commenting on mine - now I'm leaving a comment on yours!

    Have a great day.

  2. Yes, as a matter of fact, that "other blog" would be yours. ;) Silly.


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