Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It's so very cold here. Right now, it's -4 with a windchill of -22. Yes, that's right. And it's warmed up a few degrees since I woke up this morning. Nice, huh? As a result of the temps, today will be a day of phone calls and little household fixes that I've been putting off. I have to go out to pick the kids up from school, but other than that, I have no plans on going out into this arctic weather.

So, I was bored the other day. The blogs that I read regularly haven't been updating very much as of late so I decided to try the "next blog" button and see if I could find something new. Big mistake. I came across this blog that had photographs of naked people. Not just adults either. This freaked me out and I was one second away from hitting the "report this blog" button until I realized that I'm just a naive American. These weren't nasty porno photos but pictures from somebody's vacation and they were at a nude beach. My very American sensibilities say that even though this might be acceptable in your country that it still might not be appropriate to post nude pictures of your children where any pedophile could find them. Suffice it to say, I won't be blog-surfing again any time soon.

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