Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Edition

I don't really have much to post on today. I'm basically killing time until we have to leave to take Chloe to St. Albans.

Yesterday we sorted through our bedroom closet trash dividing stuff up into "office trash", "shredded trash", and "regular trash" so that the majority of it can be recycled instead of just thrown away. I have learned that I'm a pack rat. I keep old computer stuff (among other things) on the off chance that I'll need it again. Something I never consider is that most computer stuff is outdated in a month. Case in point: The girls' computer needed speakers and I thought, "Hey! We have two extra sets of computer speakers. I'll dig them out of my closet." I get them out and they're at least 3 years old and didn't have the right type of male plug so unless we get our hands on a really old computer, the speakers are worthless. They don't even make adapters for this type of connector. So, I've been toting these dumb things around for who knows how long and they're basically trash. Lesson learned. I also like to keep my old copies of National Geographic magazine. ::sigh::

I'm listening to my neighbors ride their sleds for the first time this year. Sleds are also known as snow mobiles for those of you who don't do cold weather sports. It's been such a weird winter that nobody has been able to ride yet this year. You need at least 6 inches of packed snow before they open up the trails.

Well, I gotta gather up Chloe's things so that we can go.

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