Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Last Post

…On the subject. Is this a democracy? No. It’s a blog, which by definition makes it impossible for it to be a democracy. Is this a land where a god rules? No. As I’m not sure on my beliefs in god, it would be impossible for me to pretend that I am one. Is this a monarchy? Damn straight people! This is my freaking kingdom and I will do and say as I please. Do I have to allow people to attack me? Nope. Do I have to allow people to voice their inane opinions? Nope. Do I have to address anyone besides my own self? Nope. Do I care if anyone likes my kingdom? Nope. I don’t force any one of you to click that button, link, open that e-mail, or whatever means it is that brings you to my blog. I don’t cater to anybody. I’ve said that before. If you don’t have an understanding of what a blog is, look it up. There’s a very nice definition on Wikipedia’s website.

From this point on, I will not allow any comments that attack or threaten me in any way. If you have a valid point, and since this is my kingdom, I get to decide what’s valid and what isn’t, I’ll allow your comment to be posted. Am I going to continue to even acknowledge comments from idiots? After all of this, if I did, I’d hope someone would have the good sense to have me committed. But, please feel free to waste your time and keep trying. Some of you obviously have a lot of spare time on your hands. Additionally, continue to remain behind your cowardly cloak of anonymity. You have my permission. It only serves to make your words small and ineffective.

Do I care whether or not you’re bored? Nope. It’s not my job to entertain anybody except for my husband, my kids, and my dog. Do I care if you think that I actually care or not? Nope. Why should I? You’re going to believe what you want to believe. If anyone out there is actually deluding themselves into believing that any sort of relationship and/or acquaintance that is based solely on your time “spent” with someone on the Internet, then I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show. Unless you’ve met me face to face and spent quality time with me, you couldn’t possibly in this universe have any inkling of who I am or what I’m about and this is the last time I will address that as well.

I will admit to one mistake in all this: Giving psychopathic, bored, small-minded housewives more attention than they deserve. Why’d I rise to the bait? Because I couldn’t resist a good fight. Why am I stopping? Because this isn’t what my kingdom is all about and I don’t want it to disintegrate into a sniping, bored, military wives message board which is what almost happened. I hope you all enjoyed a good laugh at my expense as I did at yours.

One last thing that some of us here, myself included, should consider is why the stereotypes about military wives came to be in the first place and why they’re all freaking true.

I hope you all enjoyed the commercial break. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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