Thursday, January 18, 2007

Random Stuff

I forgot to mention how my kitchen caught on fire the other day. It was crazy. C and I were both sitting at the computer which is right next to the kitchen. I was making some lunch and C looks up from what he was doing at the comp and says, "The kitchen's on fire." Then he proceeds to finish typing whatever he was typing. What a nerd, right? I look over and see the flames and go for the fire extinguisher. No damage or anything beside ash being all over the house which was a pain to clean up. Oh. And a lost pan, spatula, drip pan and burner. Just goes to show how people react differently to certain situations.

After reading about Henry VIII and Jack the Ripper I needed to relax with some fluff chick lit. I hate that term by the way but what can ya do. I'm reading Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. I like to read in bed and these books make me laugh so hard that I often wake C up, lol. These books have very little depth to them but they're entertaining nonetheless. And I need some mindless reading to offset all the moving stuff and I have to take it in while I can since my classes start in a week. Speaking of which, my books should be here today. I know this makes me a total nerd, but I love getting my text books in the mail, lol. And according to my UPS tracking number, they should be here any time now.

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