Monday, January 01, 2007

New Hobby

I've decided to try out crocheting. I know. Am I 80 years old or something? But you're way off here. M, my 10 year old, has been crocheting chains like a champion for about a year now since her grandmother taught her how. Seeing as how grandma lives 15 hours away, it was hard for her to continue on with the lessons and show M the next step. Up until yesterday, I had never attempted to crochet in my entire life but figured the easiest way for me to teach M how to do it was to learn how myself. So we hit the craft store for a how to book, yarn, and more hooks. After reading and re-reading the book and searching out two really great websites, I finally figured it out and M and I crocheted until about 11 o'clock last night, lol. Now this morning both of our hands are sore and my fingers are swollen but once we got started neither one of us wanted to stop. You all should try it out. It's fun and relaxing and you make things that are useful.

As for today, we have no plans except to enjoy the last day of vacation in peace and quiet. C will probably be spending most of his time on the comp playing a new baseball game that he got. He had to negotiate in order to buy this game too which is a funny thing. In exchange for his game I made him promise to be in a good mood until at least Wednesday and to also clean the kitchen today. So far, so good. M wants to crochet some more so I gotta run. Keep your fingers crossed that my hands and fingers hold out.

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