Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh Man. Oh Geez.

I'm in a slight panic right now. I thought I had a grip on my business final exam until I read online today questions from fellow students and the responses (or non-responses depending on how you look at it) that they got. My instructor is an idiot. Pure and simple. This is a direct quote from a response my instructor made to another student. I changed the names of the students she referenced, other than that, I copied and pasted:

I gave you a model and you are to work with that using web
sites and the text if possible.
I also gave you topics to study for the non essay part.
Ask one of the students if you need more help, many seem not
to have a problem with the exam.
Ask Ms. Student or someone from your group.
Also Ms. Student knows too how to study for my exams.
Try asking them your questions.
I have done my best to give you directions.

She has NOT given directions, at least clearly stated directions. In the study guide info she handed out, she says the essay will be about "change AND leadership". In the final exam information part of the syllabus she says "change OR leadership". Which is it you crazy bat? And then she says she will provide us with a model and in another section says we have to make our own. We have to use direct citations from four different websites in addition to citations from our text. How in the hell are you supposed to remember all that???? It's closed book/closed notes!!! I absolutely do NOT have a photographic memory. I'm not going to be able to remember that many direct citations in addition to the information needed just to answer the essay question which is supposed to be SIX pages long in addition to the non-essay section. Holy cow! We only have three hours.

This woman has been like this all semester too. When anyone starts asking too many questions about something, she refers them to their fellow students for answers. Hello!! Aren't you getting PAID for this, you lunatic? I'm so glad I gave her a bad evaluation. She deserved every word. Her grammar and typing are so bad that I sometimes have a hard time even understanding what she's trying to say.

Oh well. 8 days until the semester is completely over.

Hey! I just realized that this post totally qualifies for Whine-Fest Wednesday. I wasn't even trying, lol. Maybe I should change the title.


  1. She sounds like a crazee! I had a professor that was similar to that and she drove us nuts with her weird directions. She'd always throw out some wonky exam at the end of the semester that you didn't expect and you were left with WTH!? It usually ended up being less complicated than how she made it...I hope that is that same in your case. GOOD luck! are near the end.

  2. Maybe you should have brought your I-Pod to the final.

    I had a crazy professor like that. She's wear short skirts and sit on her desk flashing us and whining about her relationship with her mother.

    You profession has the teaching style of a counselor. You ask her a question and she redirects it to the group. You never get an answer to your question but you get great feedback! ...and you feel better after class.

    Hey, this system has me as Pecos Bill but I'm BrerRabbit on My Blog Log. Oh well, same blog.

  3. Pam~~I'm hoping that the same thing happens with my exam.

    Pecos Bill~~I recognize you from My Blog Log. HI!

    So far, I've gotten 11 messages from other disgruntled students about this exam so at least I'm not the only one in the dark. Oops. Make that 12. Another one just came in.


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