Tuesday, October 28, 2008

11 Days to Go

Things are progressing with the house in Vermont. I would go into detail, but it’s pretty boring if you’re not living it. Bottom line, they have until Nov 7th to pay November’s rent and the $700+ late water/sewer bill or they will be served with an eviction notice. I’m not holding my breath.

In other news…

Geez. I have very little “other” news. Between the Vermont issues, work, and the kids, I do very little else. In the 20 minutes of spare time I get a day (this is the time I sit in the carpool lane of the oldest child’s school waiting for her to get out. I deliberately leave that early so that I have that quiet time in the car. Pathetic, right?) I’ve been reading a certain book. I would tell you all about it, but it’s not time yet. No, it’s not a book telling me how to best take over the world. That one is in my TBR pile. ;)

School continues to be a drag. Big. Giganto. Un-fun. Drag. I have my Lit midterm this week which means the semester is half over thank GOODNESS! Weirdly enough, I’m just chock full of weirdness, I’m looking forward to next semester. I’m taking marketing and finance classes. One is a basic marketing class that’s a pre req for a upper level class I’ll take the next semester. The other is a finance class for entrepreneurs. I never saw myself heading in this direction before, but my work has opened new doors for me that I want to pursue. I half-wish that it wasn’t too late to change majors. But I’m so burned out that switching would be a very bad idea. Bad, bad, bad. I’d never make it.

And I’m tired and starting to ramble. Gonna hit the sheets.

11 days until we leave on our vacation.


  1. I love that quiet "me" time. Last year when I picked up the younger kids from school I would purposely leave early for the same reason. This year everyone rides the bus home.
    Glad to hear things are "progressing" in VT.

  2. Yeah. I love my time in the car too. I even try to avoid my cell phone during that time too.

    We're at a "wait and see" stage with the VT situation. We should hear something any day now though and Nov 7th is fast approaching.


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