Thursday, October 23, 2008

Having Dog Issues



Does this look like a mean dog to you?

My sweet dog is being not-so-sweet lately. Bailey is having issues and I can’t figure out why. She’s three years old and until recently, I could never in a million years picture her being mean. Just in the last couple weeks though she’s not been herself. 

She snarled at me when I made her get off my bed. (We have a no dogs on the furniture rule.) She bit the youngest child on the hand just a few minutes ago. She mounted one of the kids when they were on the floor playing with her last week. She’s also been showing dominance over Hannah lately and when we first got Hannah, Bailey allowed her to be the dominant dog even as a puppy. Maybe it’s all the changes since we moved. She became depressed when we moved from Vermont to North Carolina which is one of the reasons we got Hannah in the first place. We don’t want a third dog right now so getting Bailey another puppy is out of the question. 98% of the time, Bailey is perfectly fine. She’s affectionate, she obeys commands, and she’s just generally well-behaved. It’s that other 2% that has me worried because she could progress really fast into being aggressive if I don’t figure out what to do. She’s also been extra hungry lately but I have no idea what that could mean. Maybe I should take her to the vet. She’s not due for a check-up but it couldn’t hurt I suppose. She’s not spayed either. We never came to a decision on whether or not we wanted to breed her. It’s probably time to fix her and be done with it though. If we can’t make a decision after three years, it’s not meant to be, right?

I would be devastated if anything ever happened to either one of my dogs. I need a solution.


  1. I bet fixing her, fixes it.

  2. You're most likely right.

  3. I am having Gibby fixed next week. Before he starts humping stuff...

  4. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I would talk to the vet but they will likely say it's because she isn't spayed. Dogs have a tendency to behave like that when they still have those hormonal issues. Just be sure you really want her fixed before you do it. Dogs are so funny.

  5. Jennifer~~Good luck to Gibby and his nether regions. I hope the surgery goes well.

    Dana~~I figured it's the spaying issue too. It's just weird that this negative behavior has started so suddenly.

  6. Oh yes, I'd definitely spay her. It's so much more healthy for the animal to get this done and that way it creates relief for you too.

    Once that's done, she'll calm down too. You'll see :)

  7. Thanks for the advice. Spaying is most likely on our agenda now.


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