Thursday, October 09, 2008

It’s That Time of Year

I feel a cold coming on. I’m on my second cup of tea trying to sooth my throat. My first cup was a white tea with blueberry and pomegranate. Yum! Now I’m drinking some oolong tea. I need to look up the medicinal properties of tea to see if one variety is better than another. I just like the warmth on my throat. I usually try fending off a cold with denial. It hardly ever works.

Something else that happens this time of year? Well, at least for us and it’s only every four years. The Mister is eligible to reenlist in ten days. Even with the bonus money dangling like the proverbial carrot in front of our faces, we are still hesitant. He doesn’t have to do the reenlistment in ten days because he actually has until October of next year before his contract is up. However, the bonus money won’t necessarily be there for that long. So, we have a little time to make the final decision but not a lot. I wish that I believed in fortune tellers so that I could consult one and then blame them if it turned out to be a bad decision, lol.

And, Halloween. The oldest child wants to be a vampire princess and the youngest just wants to be a plain old princess. Bailey is, of course, going as a pumpkin and Hannah just gets a bandana because she prefers to eat clothes rather than wear them. The Mister and I are boring and we don’t dress up. Our California to Vermont movers lost my Halloween decorations and I haven’t built up a new collection yet so I don’t know if I’m going to bother with decorations or not. I can’t even remember if I have decorations at all. I have a feeling that the neighborhood kids will have some tricks up their sleeves for Halloween. They already like to play with the street signs as a prank. They (and I actually know who they are) keep turning the signs so that they are facing the wrong streets. We tried to get pizza delivered the other night and the delivery guy called saying that I wasn’t home even though I was. I told him he was at the wrong address but he was adamant that he was on the right street, right house. That’s when I figured that the signs had been turned again. Funny, but a bit annoying and the guy acted like it was my fault, lol. Oh well.

I think I’m going to see if I have any cold meds to chase with my tea. My head feels like it’s in a vice.


  1. What a decision to have to make, especially right now with the economy. Does your husband's job prospects look good if he does desire to retire? Or is it still too soon to tell since he has a year left? Not that that is a reason to re-enlist, of course. I imagine a lot of factors will play into the decision.

    I do hope you are feeling better, Trisha.

  2. LF~~He wouldn't be retiring, just walking away. The state of the economy is a big factor in our decision making process. It seems stupid to turn down a bonus and then to try and find a good job in the real world with the way things are right now. While he's had tons of job offers it still is a hard choice because civilian jobs aren't nearly as secure as government jobs are.

    And thanks. I'm feeling almost normal today.


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