Friday, October 31, 2008

I’m Not Saying It

You know what day it is.

My kids decorated their pumpkins for the holiday this morning. They lucked out and they don’t have school today for a teacher work day or something like that. Anyway, we thrive on being untraditional so rather than carve the pumpkins, they decorated them with Halloween-themed words in Halloween-colored foamies and glow in the dark glitter glue. They turned out rather nice I thought. The oldest child is going to be a princess turned into a vampire and the youngest is going to be a fairy princess. Pretty traditional. They rounded up about four other girls from our street and they are all going trick or treating together tonight. A six pack of giggling girls should be interesting. Since our development consists of two streets that are both cul-de-sacs, we’re letting them go alone this year. Since this is our first year in the neighborhood, I’m not sure how many people are going to give out candy or how many trick or treaters we’re going to get. I hope we get a lot of both.

8 days to go until our vacation.


  1. school on Halloween?! Sweet!

  2. I know! How lucky, right? And it makes it a three day weekend to boot.


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