Friday, October 03, 2008

Things That I’ve Been Thinking

But that I haven’t been saying. Believe it or not, I hold back.

  1. I don’t respect your right to smoke especially when you do so in the car with a child riding along. There’s a reason why it’s illegal in some states now. Get a clue.
  2. Along that vein…I don’t understand how people who have watched their loved ones, especially their fathers, die of lung cancer can still smoke everyday. I have had a LOT of people die in my life between my family and my husband’s family and lung cancer, so far, is the absolute worst way to go.
  3. Furthermore, I think it’s terrible when you have to borrow money for groceries yet you always seem to have enough cash to buy cigarettes.
  4. I’m amazed at how often and how many people are content with listening to what they want to hear instead of seeking the truth.
  5. Ya know what? It’s not always about YOU.
  6. Learn how to freaking drive. Okay. I’ve said this one many times before but I was almost hit by someone who lives in my neighborhood today when she ran a stop sign and another day this week by someone who apparently had a desperate need to go to McDonalds.
  7. Your kid is a nightmarish, disrespectful brat. Ya know what else? I’m not the only one that thinks so.
  8. Nice houses in a nice neighborhood doesn’t always mean nice neighbors. I think some of my new neighbors are either drug dealers, gangsters, or both.
  9. I don’t mind being passed by a Porsche.
  10. Your McDouche bumper sticker is tasteless and I didn’t appreciate having to field questions from my daughter on what it meant in the carpool lane of her school. I think the last time I heard someone being called a douche was in high school. You’re that immature and I would think so if the thing had said Barack Odouche.
  11. I would say that I think our country is going to hell in a hand basket but only if that hand basket was equipped with warp speed.
  12. I don’t feel comfortable talking about my political views and my job on my blog for fear of who is reading it. Plus, I think we hear enough about politics from all the commercials we’re being bombarded with these days. What’s more is that I almost deleted this one because of my concerns.
  13. I post these types of updates too often. I need to learn to speak my mind in the “real” world.
  14. You’ll never convince me that you were “crazy”. I think your stint in the psych ward was your way of escaping responsibility in your real life. You know. Taking care of your kids, cleaning your nasty house, working on your marriage, doing your job. Those types of things. Scarily enough, this applies to two people that I know IRL.
  15. I’m starting to feel less like a nerd for being knowledgeable about things like Web 2.0, social media, the Internet, gaming, etc. You know why? Because that knowledge and those skills landed me in a kick ass business. Deal with THAT.
  16. It cracks me up when my daughter says, “OMG!!”
  17. Kids that are in band aren’t band geeks. I really hate that generalization. I would give anything to have an ounce of musical talent. Maybe I have a different perspective because at my high school, band was the best thing we had. When adults say that, I look down my nose at them in return.
  18. It makes me feel good that I can afford to rent a beach house and invite my family to stay with us.
  19. I never thought that I’d have a reason to wear a pink ribbon. No. I don’t have breast cancer but someone close to me does. It was dumb and naive of me to think it, but I never thought I’d be so profoundly touched and scared by breast cancer.
  20. I’ll round this out with an even 20 by saying, I think my dog is better than yours. Heheh. Just joking. I don’t have a 20th thing to add to this list. Maybe I should make this a monthly feature that way I can limit my outright bitchiness to one day a month. Nah. We all know I’d never make it even one month. ;)


  1. I agree with SO MANY of these! The immaturity thing especially. I hate that kind of humor, it's just stupid, not funny.

    Here's my #21 for you, which I don't dare post on my own blog: If you are "done with me!" why is it that you are constantly complaining about how there are no good ones? Why do you persist in evaluating every man you meet in terms of their date-ability? Either stop or don't.

  2. Lisa~~Thanks for having the guts to add your beef even if it was only to my list. Felt good, didn't it?

  3. Yes! But I notice a typo- it should have been "Done with MEN!" Not done with ME. Oops.

  4. Lol. I was able to interpret. No worries.

  5. Amen! Except for number 20. Mine is clearly better than yours. ;-)

    I still have nightmares of being stuck in the back of a car on long road trip with my two uncles who were puffing away on their cigarettes, windows up, air cycling round and round in the car. Me, only 11.

  6. LF~~Very funny. Wait until you see the pictures that I have of Bailey in this year's Halloween costume. Then we'll see whose dog is the best. ;)

    I have similar nightmares only they involve EVERY FREAKING BODY in my family.

    Jennifer~~Is that #22 or just a random observation? Heheh.


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