Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day

All of us in the Trisha household had a three day weekend. The long weekend was nice, but the Mister and I spent most of it laid up in bed. Get your minds out of the gutter. We were both sick, heheh. We loaded up on tissues, OTC meds, which are pretty much a joke thanks to all the meth heads out there, and made sure the remote control was within reach. Fun times, let me tell ya. We’re both feeling much better today though. In the grand scheme of things, this little, tiny, sniffle is nothing compared to what used to hit me when we lived in California. I used to get colds that would evolve into bronchitis which would knock me down for two weeks and require antibiotics every four months. While I’m still sniffle-y and sneezy, the worst of this cold was over in 48 hours. Is this what a “normal” cold is like? I didn’t even lose my voice.

Today the Mister and I took the kids to Target to buy their Halloween costumes and to let them spend their allowances. Then we went to Best Buy where I spent my Best Buy reward points on season three of BSG. Too bad I didn’t have that at the beginning of the weekend when I was stuck in bed. It is GOOD so far!

So, I didn’t update for three(?) days and this is all I have to say. It’s hard to have anything to post when all you did in that time was blow your nose and pop useless pills. I had 99 e-mails waiting for me this evening too, lol. I checked my e-mail last night before I went to bed and I still had 99 e-mails. None of them were spam either.

Now I’m tired. I get worn out pretty quick the last few days. I’m going to hit the couch.


  1. My husband has been battling a cold too. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. The weekend before Columbus Day everyone in our house was sick but it was a yucky stomach bug. Did the girls catch the cold too?

  3. Thanks Pam. Other than getting tired real fast, I'm feeling much better.

    Dana~~I'd rather have a cold than a stomach bug anytime. Yuck. The girls haven't been sick yet, knock on wood. That's pretty unusual because they are usually the ones that bring it into the house from school.

  4. The youngest brought the stomach bug home. I'm seriously thinking we are all going to get the flu vaccine this year to try and keep some of the nastier stuff away.

  5. We've never done flu shots before. It's something to consider.


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