Sunday, November 09, 2008


Direct copy and paste of the e-mail I recieved from our tenants last night:

We are sorry it had to come to this but we can't continue to be worried about when you are going to toss us out when we have never been more than a couple of weeks late with rent and have always cleared it with you first. We have just started the process of packing and will be moving out within the month.

They have a really funny memory.


  1. They still haven't paid you all they owe by the specified date so the eviction notice should be on it's way anyway right? What a bunch of dopes... if they had paid they wouldn't have had to worry about being tossed out because you would have had no basis to do so and the law is clear. Also, they didn't give you 30 days notice so I think technically you can charge them for a full 30 days from today.

  2. They sould pretty delusional.

  3. On the plus side, they are leaving. :-)

  4. Jennifer~~Yup. They're being evicted at this point anyway. I just love how all this is my fault.

    Pam~~Delusional would be the word.

    LF~~Definitely. I wanted to respond and say, "Great! Music to my ears. Now get the hell out of my house." Of course, I didn't though, lol.


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