Friday, November 21, 2008

Something to Consider

I forgot to mention earlier the research that I’ve been conducting into junior and senior high schools. I’ve been visiting dozens of school websites and some of them are so NEAT! They have online newsletters, sections for parents to view their students’ grades, homework assignments, and other stuff. Some even have links for the students to take tests ONLINE!! How cool is that? My school was lucky to have had computers let alone any of that other stuff. My kids’ schools don’t have websites like that either. Sometimes I wish that I could have been a teenager now when there’s cell phones and texting, the Internet, taking tests ONLINE, iPods, and all that other neato technology that didn’t exist when I was younger. Not that I would ever give teenagerhooddom another go. Nah.


  1. We can check the kids grades and attendance via the Internet here. I love it. You can even customize it to send you email notifications for certain events like tardiness, absence and changes in grades. I find it really helpful.

  2. Yeah, Carolynn's school does that too.

  3. You guys are lucky. I wish my kids' schools would leap into the now and do that too.


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