Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jabber Jabber

I’m on the phone when I should be in bed, so I thought I’d blog too while I’m at it.

We had a lazy Sunday. The Mister and I ventured out long enough to do some necessary shopping but that was about it. The oldest child’s volleyball practice/game was cancelled. All in all, it’s been a pretty boring day.

Now, I’m contemplating the economy, how the word “family” is just a word, and how some “friends” aren’t actually friends. It’s weird. I’m in a weird mood.


  1. No kidding. Stop staying up so late. I agree with you about "family". Friends too... you think you are friends and then... you find out on a web page that one got divorced and remarried...

  2. I didn't do much on Sunday either. It was nice to just be lazy for once.

  3. Jennifer~~I know!! I'm still a bit shocked over it all.

    Pam~~Laziness is nice. Being productive is way overrated. ;)


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