Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am not believing this, but we are getting snow flurries here right now!! Can you believe that trash?? And it’s COLD. It’s only 41 with a wind chill of 34. Brrrr! I haven’t seen snow in almost two years so I guess I’m due.

Other than that, I don’t have too much to report. I ran some errands this morning, bright and early, so that I could get home to do some work. I worked, took a lunch break, worked some more and now I’m pausing for a potty break and a quick post. So much fun, right? Oh, and I heard back from my lawyer, got the okay on the e-mail, and sent it off to The Tenants. We’ll see if I get a response or any money for that matter.

Sorry so short, but I gots things to do.


  1. we had a small bit of snow on the ground and roofs yesterday morning. I wasn't expecting that AT ALL! It feels like January outside!

  2. Well, we didn't have enough for any sort of accumulation thank goodness. I don't miss the snow and wasn't at all pleased to see even flurries.

    And it does feel like January it's been so cold lately.


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