Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Meme About You

Jennifer so kindly suggested that I do this meme. I often like to send them to her because I know she doesn’t particularly like them which is how I have my fun with her, hehehe.

I have to link the last 10 comment leavers, answer the questions, and then tag unsuspecting bloggers to do it too. I’m using my last ten commenters without repeats.

Here are the last 10 commenters:

1. Pam at 30something

2. Liz at Habit Blog

3. Dana at This and That

4. Jennifer at Tropical Fruit

5. Literary Feline at Musings of a Bookish Kitty

6. Daphne at Tanzanite’s Shelf and Stuff

7. Arlene at Three Baseball Fanz

8. Exmi from Expensive Mistakes Cheap Thrills

9. Josette at Books Love Me!

10. Miss Mae at Pure Southern Genteel

Okay, here are the questions I am supposed to answer about my commenters.

1: What is your favorite post from number 3’s blog?
I don’t have a favorite. I like it when Dana posts at all because she doesn’t post that often and I miss her and her family.

2. Has number 10 taken any pictures that have moved you?
Hmm. Not that I’m aware.

3. Does number 6 reply to comments on their blog?
Yep. She sure does.

4. Which part of blogland is number 2 from?
Well, Liz happens to live in N.C. like I do. I believe she’s in the Raleigh-Durham area.

5. If you could give one piece of advice to number 7 what would it be?
Hmm. I would advise that she take me on some of those fantastic vacations that she’s always going on.

6. Have you ever tried something from number 9’s blog?
Josette and I have a similar love of meme’s so I’ve tried a few from her blog.

7. Has number 1 blogged something that inspired you?
Not that I can think of. Not that Pam’s not inspirational but it’s more that I’m un-inspirable.

8. How often do you comment on number 4’s blog?

I dunno. Whenever I have something to say. Sometimes I veto commenting and send an e-mail or call instead. Some things can’t be said in a comment.

9. Do you wait for number 8 to post excitedly?
Not so much as I do people that I know in real life. I subscribe to her feed in my reader though so I don’t miss anything.

10. How did number 5’s blog change your life?

I’m not sure if Wendy’s blog has changed my life so much as it has introduced me to lots of new books and authors.

11. Do you know any of the 10 bloggers in person?

Yup. I know Jennifer, Dana, and Arlene in real life.

12. Do any of your 10 bloggers know each other in person?

Well, Arlene is Jennifer’s mom so I would hope they know each other.

13. Out of the 10, which updates more frequently?
It greatly varies. With November being NaBloPoMo, I’m getting frequent updates from a few of them which I’ve totally been enjoying.

14. Which of the 10 keep you laughing?
Jennifer’s blog used to make me laugh but now she just depresses the hell out of me. ;) Josette makes me laugh with some of her meme responses though.

15. Which of the 10 has made you cry (good or bad tears)?

None of them. I’m not a big crier.

That’s it. I don’t tag but if you’re on here and you didn’t already do this, consider yourself tagged. I mean it. I’m watching.


  1. Cool, I needed something to post about. This posting every day stint is rough. lol!

  2. Lol. Glad I could help. I pooped out in the first week.

  3. I am trying to be less depressing.

  4. I know and I don't blame you for being depressing. Besides, how often do I bitch and whine on my blog??

  5. Every second... see today's post. Poor baby doesn't have time to buy lip gloss. :)

  6. At least I haven't lost my sense of humor. I tried to sell it for cash, but no one wanted it.

  7. This is the first time I've visited your blog. I followed the link from Jennifer's Just a Meme. I took her challenge, too. You'll find mine here if you're interested.

    I, too, leave the tv on just so that I don't feel so alone. I don't think that's at all weird.

  8. How fun! Yeah, I'm not sure my blog would change anyone's life. LOL Maybe my husband's because he has to suffer through all my reviews before I post them. And then all the blog talk! My blog takes up his time just as much as it does mine. :-)

  9. Eve~~Thanks for stopping by. I also checked out your answers to the meme.

    LF~~I probably make my husband suffer with my blog too. Lots of blog talk at my house too.


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